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RASA Spicy Rose Sex Tonic

RASA Spicy Rose Sex Tonic
  • RASA Spicy Rose Sex Tonic
  • RASA Spicy Rose Sex Tonic
  • RASA Spicy Rose Sex Tonic
  • RASA Spicy Rose Sex Tonic
  • RASA Spicy Rose Sex Tonic

Why We Love This!

Light your fire with Rasa's signature adaptogenic formula - made even sexier with rose, ginger, and cacao.

Tastes like if a rose had sex with spicy, gingery chocolate, and they had a baby who had dominant chocolate genes. Ha!

Aphrodisiac herbs encourage greater sensation, presence, and enjoyment of sexuality. These include:

  • relaxing aphrodisiacs, helpful when tension and stress inhibit your flow;
  • stimulating aphrodisiacs for that extra fire;
  • circulatory herbs to help get that blood flowing in all the right places;
  • herbs for the emotional heart; subtle permissions to open to yourself, your partner, and your life. 

Spicy Rose Cacao Rasa has a comprehensive blend of all types of aphrodisiacs, including:

  • Ginger & Cayenne: circulatory stimulants that increase blood flow to the extremities 
  • Hawthorn & Rose Petals: for opening and softening the emotional heart
  • Maca 10:1 extract, 300 mg: libido, baby, libido 
  • Schisandra 4:1 extract, 200 mg: Famous in China as a sexual tonic. This berry is said to increase the “Water Qi” (read: secretion of, ahem, sexual fluids)

Plus, the adaptogens in Rasa are a type of aphrodisiac in their own right. Stress shuts down our reproductive energy. After all, when you see a bear in the woods, you run or you fight. You don’t make out with the bear! Adaptogens help balance your hormones, bring you back to your resting parasympathetic state, and allow you to leave the stress of the world at the bedroom door.


Brew just like any other Rasa Koffee—though we encourage brewing a little stronger (heaping Tbsp) for a more robust flavor!

INGREDIENTS - 100% organic and sustainable

Cacao, roasted burdock, chicory, & dandelion roots; shatavari, codonopsis, ashwagandha, eleuthero, he shou wu, rhodiola, cinnamon, maca extract, schisandra extract, hawthorn berry, rose petals, ginger, & cayenne.

If you'd like to learn more about Ayurveda's take on coffee and adaptogens, check out my blog (with a RASA recipe included!)

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