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Nasya Oil (Ears/Nose/Throat)

Nasya Oil (Ears/Nose/Throat)

Why We Love This!

Talya’s homemade Nasya Oil is based on a traditional, antibacterial Ayurvedic recipe from India.

A blend of ghee (clarified butter), sesame oil, garlic, and ginger - this Nasya oil is warming, powerful, and deeply protective. Nasya oil lubricates nasal mucous membranes, helps relieve dryness and removes obstacles that may be the cause of frequent allergies and head colds.

Use Nasya Oil in your neti pot, after doing a nasal rinse, and even in your ears.

It’s a wonderful addition to any first aid kit. You can use it as an immune enhancer before flying on airplanes or going on long drives. It's a great preventative remedy to use while camping or when spending time in polluted, dusty, smokey, high-allergen areas.

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