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Life-Changing Power of Ayurveda Interview Series

The Life-Changing Power of Ayurveda Interview Series With Talya Lutzker

Why We Love This!

In April 2018, I interviewed over 30 experts from all over the world - in the field of Ayurveda, nutrition, self-care, and yoga. This product is the result of that phenomenal live event: The Life-Changing Power of Ayurveda.

We had experts such as Cate Stillman, Rodney Yee, DeAnna Batdorff, Mary Sheila Gonnella, and Ashley Black. They shared their gems of knowledge on topics like:

* emotional intelligence and mood stability
* how to practice consistent self-love and self-care
* the benefits of eating for your body type
* insights into nourishment, nutrition, and detox
* spiritual wellness and what a balanced life looks and feels like
* the power of adrenal health and how to get better sleep

Plus so much more...

We recorded these interviews and packaged them up - for Ayurveda enthusiasts who want to dive deeper into this ancient medicine and start applying it to their lives.

This interview series illuminates the practical wisdom and transformational benefit of Ayurveda... Discover the time-tested, transformational system of health and nourishment that supports you in being your most vibrant, joyful, radiant self.

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