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Healthforce Superfoods Vitamineral Earth

Healthforce Superfoods Vitamineral Earth

Why We Love This:

This is a whole, root-based superfood powder by Healthforce Superfoods. It’s formulated to provide fast, powerful nutrition that accelerates detoxification. While increasing your body’s capacity to absorb good nutrition.

Vitamineral Earth is the immune-boosting companion to all green superfood blends. It’s warming, grounding and immune-building. It supports colon and immune function, blood and liver cleansing and spleen tonification.

It’s a blend of roots, barks, slippery fibers, spices and digestive enzymes. I recommended this one in the RAD Cleanse Fall Release because it makes such a profound impact on cold and dry constitutions.

Digestive enzymes, metabolic synergists and adaptogens make up this nutrient-dense root superfood formula. Vitamineral Earth’s ingredients include: astragalus, burdock, marshmallow, ginger, dandelion, rhubarb, slippery elm bark, watercress, kelp and shilajit.

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