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Healthforce Superfoods SCRAM

Healthforce Superfoods SCRAM

Why We Love This!

A variety of parasites can infect the GI tract and cause a wide range of symptoms - from fatigue and loss of appetite to severe bloating, cramps, and constipation.

When that happens to you, you need a way to move them out! SCRAM™ helps you do it.

SCRAM™ uses therapeutically effective quantities of herbs to provide the ultimate defense against pathogenic organisms. It combines the time-honored cleansing power of cloves, black walnut, and wormwood to support healthy intestinal balance and clear foreign fungi or yeasts.

This formula can promote optimal support during cleansing as it addresses all growth stages of pathogenic organisms, supports healthy immune function and helps address candida overgrowth.

SCRAM™ contains:

  • Extracts of milk thistle seed (high in antioxidants and valued for its anti-inflammatory properties)
  • Chanca piedra (traditionally used to promote the liver’s normal function to purge harmful substances)
  • Enzymes to help dissolve pathogen biofilms
  • Liver support to help control die-off reactions
  • 150 Vegan Caps 
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