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Healthforce Superfoods Oxygen Extreme

Healthforce Superfoods Oxygen Extreme

Why We Love This!

Oxygen Extreme by Healthforce Superfoods is liquid stabilized oxygen, providing 100% stabilized oxygen. It helps oxygenate the blood, increase cellular energy production and support detoxification. We love it for its potent antimicrobial properties. It's excellent for immune support & can be used topically on wounds.

Oxygen Extreme™ is produced by running an electric current through purified water (with a very small amount of dissolved food-grade salt) in order to break apart water molecules and create bioavailable, dissolved, stable oxygen.

It's pH neutral, so you can use it for long-term internal and topical use. It contains no sodium chlorite, chlorine dioxide, or hydrogen peroxide (unstable oxygen) that can damage stomach lining.

It's 100% stabilized oxygen and has absolutely no toxicity (externally or internally).You can use it both internally and externally.

  • Therapeutic potency
  • Supports healthy immunity
  • Antimicrobial
  • Supports wound repair when used topically
  • Calming, energizing, supportive
  • Use the same way you might uuse colloidal silver or hydrogen peroxide

 4 ounces

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