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Healthforce Superfoods MacaForce

Healthforce Superfoods MacaForce
  • Healthforce Superfoods MacaForce
  • Healthforce Superfoods MacaForce

Why We Love This!

A winning product for so many reasons! Namely that it's amongst the most highly digestible maca powders on the planet.

Especially beneficial for coffee drinkers and caffeine addicts, MacaForce is a highly digestible form of pure maca root – an adaptogenic herb from South America.

Maca is known for its power to balance hormones in both men and women -while strengthening immunity and nourishing the kidneys/adrenals.

Healthforce Superfoods combines 100% pure maca with superfood-based digestive synergists. Together they help you absorb and uptake the digestive and hormone balancing benefits of this amazing adaptogen.

You can take it as a tea, add to smoothies or yogurt, or add to coffee.

  • Premium whole, raw, sun-dried, certified organic maca
  • Adaptogenic immune system tonic
  • Supports energy, vitality, and endurance
  • Supports hormonal balance, including during menopause and andropause 
  • Supports fertility, healthy libido, and mood
  • Contains herbal synergists that support with digestion and assimilation of nutrients

400 grams powder

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