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Guiltless Indulgence Dessert E-Book

Guiltless Indulgence Dessert E-Book
$9.99 $29.00

Why We Love This!

Got a sweet tooth but can’t tolerate sugar?

Would you love to satisfy your sweet tooth with delicious alternatives to sugary treats?

Me, too!

Since 2001, I've created an arsenal of feel-good, taste-great, guilt-free, love-myself desserts. Because I love the taste of sweet so much!

The recipes in Guiltless Indulgence are so good, most people can’t believe they’re good FOR you.

This e-book is filled with gluten-free recipes where (with the exception of one recipe) 100% natural sweeteners are used.

Most of the recipes are dairy-free and vegan. All the recipes are easy, wholesome, delicious, freezable, fun, and unique.

Grab your copy of Guiltless Indulgence today!

Guiltless Indulgence: Join the better dessert revolution!

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