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Ayurvedic Vegan Kitchen Cookbook

Ayurvedic Vegan Kitchen Cookbook

Why We Love This!

For every dairy-based food that traditional Ayurveda reveres, there’s a delicious and nutritious plant-based substitute. The Ayurvedic Vegan Kitchen cookbook is filled with over 120 whole-food, plant-based recipes that provide healing flavors and harmony to your mind and spirit.

The Ayurvedic Vegan Kitchen is a resource for everyone who wants to follow an Ayurvedic diet without animal products. Plus, it’s just a great 100% plant-based cookbook! It follows the same nutritional principles as traditional Ayurveda.

What our five-star reviewers are saying...

"I love learning about Ayurveda but as a vegan, traditional Ayurvedic remedies call for some meat and dairy so this is a helpful tool to apply Ayurveda to a vegan lifestyle. The recipes are fun to prepare and the author provides helpful details and advice. I love this book so much I enjoy giving copies as a gift." - Gwendynn

"I have really enjoyed using this cookbook. I bought it without an understanding of Ayurveda or doshas and used it like I would any other cookbook. The recipes I tried were delicious and encouraged me to continue using the book with a better understanding.

After a bit more research, I began using the book with the intention of balancing, increasing, and decreasing certain doshas. In addition to recipes, the book contains a good bit of information on each dosha and the effects created by different foods. I found this to be very helpful, as I prepare meals for a diverse group of family members, and understanding what they crave and what they need helps me to make meals that each of them enjoys. A couple of the recipes (Creamy Miso Lentils and the Berry Kapha Pie) have already become staples in our household. Highly recommended!" - Esila

"Love that this book has vegan recipes for every dosha! Most recipes are easy and call for easy-to-find supplies. Not too heavy in the soy, so that is a bonus for me." - Dragonfly Herbalist

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