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Ayurvedic Food Combining Poster

Ayurvedic Food Combining Poster
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Why We Love This!

Ayurveda is the science of life and food is its primary medicine.

Understanding how to live in health and harmony with nature will transform your health! But to do it right, you’ve got to know Ayurveda’s golden rules of food combining.

Designed by Ayurveda Every Day With Talya. This beautiful Ayurvedic Food Combining Chart was made so you can easily print and pin it to your fridge for easy access and continued learning.

This printable poster will show you:

  • How to eat for optimal digestion
  • How to properly pair proteins with carbohydrates
  • What to do when you love to eat fruit
  • How to create complete vegan and vegetarian proteins
  • Food combinations to avoid at all costs
  • Plus lots more…

Size: 8x10"

Printable version only. This is a digital product.

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