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FasciaBlaster® Mini 2™

FasciaBlaster Mini 2
  • FasciaBlaster Mini 2
  • FasciaBlaster Mini 2
  • FasciaBlaster Mini 2

Why We Love This!

We love Ashley Black’s FasciaBlaster® tools!

The FasciaBlaster® Mini 2™ allows for easy, single-handed FasciaBlasting. It's Talya's go-to FasciaBlaster® for Kapha body types - or body types that tend to be big boned, heavy framed, and carrying extra weight.

The Mini 2™ is a medium, hand-held FasciaBlaster® with three larger claws. The larger claws help you access hard to reach areas like the ankles, inner thighs, low back, neck, shoulders, and backs of the arms.

The pointy tips on the Mini 2™ can help release stubborn adhesions. It’s light, versatile and easy to travel with.

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