Take 25% off Almost Everything w/ Code FRESH23. Plus, 10% off doTERRRA Essential Oils & Free Shipping on Orders of $125. Take 25% off Almost Everything w/ Code FRESH23. Plus, 10% off doTERRRA Essential Oils & Free Shipping on Orders of $125.

About Us

Hey there! Thanks so much for stopping by Ayurveda Every Day With Talya!

I'm Talya, the founder of Ayurveda Every Day with Talya and Talya’s Kitchen – my two Ayurvedic lifestyle and nutrition hubs.

I devoted myself to the Ayurvedic lifestyle in June of 2001 - when I was diagnosed with a serious auto-immune disorder - and turned to Ayurveda for my own health and healing.

Within 6 months of practicing Ayurveda, I healed my skin, balanced my hormones, lost 10 pounds, and found passion for my life again. It was so life-changing that I just never stopped practicing it. And that's how it became my livelihood.

In truth, I stumbled upon this medicine. And I'm so grateful that I did!

Ayurveda has literally saved my life - and given me the body, health, confidence, wisdom, self-awareness, and self-love I always dreamed of having.

I created this shop because, once people dive into Ayurveda, they want tools and products to support them.

I love to teach about those tools - and provide high-quality resources (products, courses and consultations) to my students and clients.

Each product in my shop has been hand-selected because of its effectiveness, quality, and awesomeness!

I carry tools and products that have been designed to energize and invigorate you, and to bring you a new level of extraordinary health and self-care.

I've tested all of them out on my own body and in my own life. They work.

I'm excited to gather so many great things together in one place and offer them in support of you!

Talya reading a client's pulse in an Ayurvedic pulse reading and nutrition consultation

About Working With Talya

Most people work with me - through my online courses or private consultations - because they need true body nourishment.

Maybe they've heard of Ayurveda but they don't know where to start...

Maybe they studied it in their yoga teacher training and want to make it part of their every day lifestyle...

Or, their health has been compromised. They're ready for a serious change and see Ayurveda as the loving, intelligent, sustainable solution that will get them where they want to go.

No matter where you're coming from, I can help you personalize your nutrition. I can help you learn to eat in a way that has you look and feel your best. I can help you optimize your health habits and access your highest vitality - even when hormone imbalance, digestive discomfort or chronic symptoms are an issue.

To learn more about working with me privately, click here.

About Talya


Certified in Ayurveda since 2003, Talya is a celebrated author, chef and yoga teacher. She’s best known for her seasonal RAD Cleanse program, Ayurveda Starter School course, and Ayurvedic cookbooks.

Everyone loves her delicious recipes and playful approach to serious health.

Connect with Talya on Instagram, her website, and inside her free Facebook group, Ayurveda Every Day With Talya.

When she’s not sharing Ayurveda with the world, you’ll find Talya cooking, riding her bike to yoga, and petting every dog in sight.