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  • Why You should Join my Tropical Wellness Retreat

    Why You should Join my Tropical Wellness Retreat

    Your Once in a Lifetime Opportunity to Join our Ayurvedic Wellness Retreat in Mexico. Don’t Miss it!

    I’m over the moon EXCITED to share the most awesome wellness retreat opportunity with you!

    Want to come to Mexico with me?!

    I’ve been busy collaborating with the AMAZING Mary Sheila Gonnella – who is an Ayurvedic practitioner, nutrition goddess, and dear friend.

    We both love to teach and share the good work of nourishment and self-care through the lens of Ayurveda.

    So we’ve created a week-long Ayurveda immersion wellness retreat where we’ll help you dive into the sacred teachings of Ayurveda and make them 100% accessible and applicable for YOU.

    This retreat has been in the works for 2 years, and now it’s HERE! (Can we get a happy dance, or what?!)

    Join us! You can learn more here when you check out our Ayurveda Rest & Digest Wellness Retreat website!

    Our teachings will include:

    • Radical self-care practices that honor your individual constitution – including the principles of whole food nutrition through the Ayurvedic lens.
    • Emphasis on digestive, nervous system, and immune health – to help you heal your body, and stay balanced and resilient as you age.
    • We will teach you the healing potency behind the ancient practices of Rest & Digest.

    This retreat is all about tapping into the power of your parasympathetic nervous system, and how to access it long-term for your own ongoing healing.

    As practitioners, we know how much stress you’re holding, and how challenging life can be. We know how easy it is to get off track.

    • You start out hopeful and enthusiastic, but eventually find yourself skipping self-care and eating anything that’s around – simply because you don’t have time.
    • You might be unsure about how to apply Ayurveda to your life, but you know that you want to.
    • Maybe life keeps getting in the way for you – and you find yourself falling into harmful habits that you know don’t serve you.
    • We get it! We know how easy it is to feel fatigued, low on energy, and burned out…

    So if you’re ready to feel restored, energized, and balanced, our Rest & Digest Ayurveda Retreat will be SO nourishing for you! 

    Truly, that’s WHY we created this Ayurveda wellness retreat.

    We know how many people need this kind of deep restoration in their lives right now.

    We believe that it’s CRUCIAL to make time for an experience like this – one that will truly recharge your mind-body-spirit.

    If you come with us on this Ayurveda wellness retreat (fingers crossed!), you’ll get the opportunity to fully apply the nourishing, self-care principles of Ayurveda to your everyday life, in the beautiful, nourishing, tropical setting of Mexico! 

    Here’s what you’ll receive when you join our Ayurveda wellness retreat in Mexico:

    • You’ll immerse yourself in loving self-care for 7 straight days (and have this to look forward to – all winter long.
    • You’ll experience the true meaning of Rest & Digest – an opportunity for you to tap into your parasympathetic nervous system and put your body into a calming state (the state necessary for real healing to happen).
    • You’ll deepen your understanding of your body through the lens of Ayurveda and receive essential tools for resilience and thriving in these stressful times.
    • You’ll get to fill your cup in a deep and profound way – through nature, yoga, Ayurvedic cooking, Ayurvedic nutrition, and applying the principles of Rest & Digest.
    • You’ll learn all the Ayurveda guideposts that support the healing of your digestion and entire hormonal system – with the wisdom of the ages.
    • This retreat will include yoga, meditation, cooking classes, Ayurvedic body care, and so much more.

    About the Mar de Jade Resort

    Mar de Jade is a beautiful retreat center located on the shore of Playa Chacala, a small fishing village about 60 miles north of Puerto Vallarta.

    After you sign up with us, you book your accommodations at the resort. It will include lodging, 3 amazing farm-fresh meals daily, use of a pool, hot tub, and sauna facilities.

    The rooms are clean, fresh, and comfortable. The staff is welcoming and accommodating. The resort is family-friendly, with lots of activities and excursions. If you wish to travel with a loved one who would like to enjoy the resort without joining the retreat, they are more than welcome.


    The Rest & Digest Ayurveda Retreat is a very special opportunity to deeply dive into the sacred teachings of Ayurveda and make them 100% applicable to YOU.

    This will be a truly magical, healing, recharge and replenishing retreat experience.

    Reconnect to your radiance.

    Optimize your immunity.

    Build long-term resilience through Ayurveda’s principles of health, nourishment, and self-care.

    Imagine for a moment… An entire week immersed in ancient Ayurvedic teachings (delivered in modern form) that will relieve all your stress and support you in every area of your life, especially your health.

    Sound amazing?

    We would love to have you there and can’t wait to be there ourselves!

    You can learn more and register for the retreat right HERE.