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  • What's on Talya's Holiday Gift Guide?!

    What's on Talya's Holiday Gift Guide?!

    The holidays are here and you might be wondering what to get for the Ayurveda enthusiast in your life.

    I’m here to help you figure it out!

    You can stop obsessing about how to find the “perfect gift” for your health-loving loved ones.

    Use the guide below to find the perfect gift for the Ayurvedic yogini in your life!

    Ayurveda Holiday Gift Giving Guide

    Psst… If YOU’RE the one excited about Ayurveda, forward this guide to the people who matter. They’ll appreciate it!

    Ayurveda Holiday Gift Ideas for Vata

    For the Vata In Your Life…

    This amazing person runs cold, light, dry, anxious, and scattered. She/He needs warmth, comfort, lots of oils, and good smelling things. Try these!


    Who wouldn’t be STOKED to find a jar of homemade ghee peeking out of their stocking this year? Vata sure can use the lubrication – that’s for sure! I make the best ghee in town and my dear friend Viraf makes the most awesome spice and herb-infused, “medicated” ghee. He even made holiday flavors this year!


    If you don’t naturally run cold, you might not understand the value of absolutely anything that can keep Vata warm. Leg warmers (arm warmers and kidney warmers, too) are the key to Vata’s heart. She’ll thank you profusely for caring about her body temperature! : )


    Body oil hits everything on Vata’s list that she needs to feel safe, warm and grounded. It smells good. You can warm it up. It gets Vata to do a loving touch and self-care practice – which is amongst her fastest tracks to sanity. I’ve got an amazing seasonal blend that was created especially for Talya’s Kitchen.


    Ayurvedic Lip Balm? Whaaat?! Hurraw makes my favorite lip balm on the planet. Dry lips no more for the Vata in your life.


    Vata NEEDS sweet – to feel balanced, nourished, and satiated. Not all sweets are created equal, of course. And I’m not talking about plain old sugar. You want high-quality, natural and delicious sweet treats. that Vata can sink their teeth into.
    Sweets help Vata feel their best – even when sweet makes up their whole meal. That’s where my dessert only cookbook comes in. I swear by every single one of the 47 recipes in “Guiltless Indulgence!” They’re beyond delicious and easy to digest. That’s what makes them Ayurvedic!

    Ayurveda Holiday Gift Ideas for Pitta

    For the Pitta In Your Life…

    This inspiring person runs hot, oily, steamy, athletic, and is a bit of a control freak. She needs to be in nature, move her body, and have easy access to spaciousness, clean eats, and no-fuss tools that support her health.


    Perhaps my favorite stocking stuffer of all time. Who knew that a little wooden “scraping” tool could change Pitta’s life? The gua sha is a sacred self-massage tool that helps alleviate muscle tension, reduces lactic acid, gets the lymphatic system moving and so much more. You can find them made from stone, rock, crystals, and bone. But the wooden ones are my fave. Durable, long-lasting and practically impossible to break.


    Pitta’s are ambitious by nature. If they don’t already know the value of slowing down, someday they’ll be forced to learn. Help your Pitta by showing them the way NOW.

    Consider a subscription to Headspace – a guided meditation app that we love here at Talya’s Kitchen. Or hook them up with yoga they can take everywhere. My teacher Tias Little is a instructor and his presence alone is worth a year’s subscription.


    Coffee is stimulating and, when enjoyed on the daily, very acidic. Unfortunately for Pitta – who’s naturally stimulated and acidic – they love coffee. But only until they’ve found a coffee alternative that actually feels and tastes great.

    Upgrade Pitta’s coffee ritual with a delicious, adaptogenic herbal coffee alternative. RASA Koffee provides calm energy, enhanced mental clarity, and better stress resilience. Plus, it tastes great and can be added to coffee as a “meet you halfway” health hack. Use code AYURVEDAWITHTALYA to get 20% off your order.


    Pitta is king (or queen) when it comes to strong digestion. But they need to take care of their digestive tract, too! For a healthy and balanced intestinal ecology, we love Biocidin and this probiotic. Biocidin is a combination of botanicals that target the GI tract and support microbiome balance for the long haul. If the Pitta in your life is prone to digestive issues, these support!


    When in doubt, give the gift of understanding Ayurveda on a personal level. Consultations and pulse readings are a way to understand your core constitution, in addition to whatever current imbalances you face. It’s the first step to identifying the specific foods, herbs, and practices that will make you feel your best.

    Ayurveda is not a one-size-fits all approach, so the value of understanding your unique body type is profound. And this is something the Pitta in your life might not seek out on their own. I work with clients all over the world with great success – so finding an Ayurvedic practitioner you trust is easy. Gift certificates are also available!

    Ayurveda Holiday Gift Ideas for Kapha

    For the Kapha In Your Life…

    This beautiful person runs slow, damp, heavy, sluggish, laid back, and (perhaps) a bit unmotivated. She needs invigorating warmth, brisk movement, spicy food, uplifting aromas, and ways to express her creativity.


    If all Kapha does over the holidays is spend a little time moving her lymph, she’ll feel amazing, have more energy, and be forever grateful to the person who gave her a Fasciablasting tool! The Fasciablaster from Ashley Black allows Kapha to get to hard to reach areas – like the inner thighs, neck, and arms. And it helps unlock stubborn lymph and adhesions. It’s perfect for travel and can be used over the clothes, with oil on the skin or in the shower. We are obsessed with this tool at Talya’s Kitchen!


    Talya’s homemade Nasya Oil is based on a warming and traditional Ayurvedic recipe from India. A blend of ghee (clarified butter), sesame oil, garlic, and ginger – this blend is deeply protective and helps get congestion on the move! Additionally, Kapha might breathe easier with the help of this respiratory essential oil blend that we love.


    Speaking of getting congestion on the move, no one needs to protect their respiratory tract from phlegm overload as Kapha does. If the Kapha in your life isn’t yet intimate with the art of using a neti pot, now’s their time! I love these ceramic neti pots from Baraka and this neti pot is my favorite one for travel. I never leave home without it!


    If your Kapha’s got ama, this handy little tool can make all the difference. Just a few swipes across the tongue every morning eliminates sludgy waste that the Kapha in your life no longer has to swallow! Copper is an especially Kapha-reducing metal that helps repel bacteria. I recommend using one every single morning – just before brushing and flossing the teeth. It’s also a great tool to use before oil pulling.


    There are lots of Ayurvedic skincare companies I love – Ajara, Paavani, and The Body Deli to name a few. But when I was introduced to Shankara skincare…. oh my gosh. It blows my mind!

    Truly appropriate for the Vata, Pitta OR Kapha in your life, Shankara started because a group of amazing people started thinking about how to infuse the Ayurvedic wisdom of the East with the knowledge of the West to promote wellness and sustainable skincare Thus, Shankara was born! Use code TALYA at checkout to get 10% off your order.

    I hope you enjoyed the read and found lots of things for the Ayurveda lover in your life!

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