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    Today, as we navigate these days of a long-overdue awakening, I want to share with you the ways in which Ayurveda and activism operate together depending on your body type.

    Ayurveda teaches us that when you get to the root of what is causing dis-ease, you can heal just about anything. According to this ancient wisdom, one will actually experience 6 different stages of imbalance before the imbalance manifests as a chronic disease.

    Once you get to the 6th stage, you are facing an issue that will take time, patience, diligence, and commitment to heal. It’s what I call “going the distance” (no matter what).

    This information is important because it speaks to the current state of revolution we are facing in the U.S. and across the world as we fight for social justice.

    In the light of the many wrongful deaths of our fellow brothers and sisters: George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Ahmad Arbery, and countless others; we as Americans are witnessing first hand what happens when a system is chronically imbalanced.

    The issues in our country have been brewing beneath the surface for decades.
    Because it’s only natural for an organism to find balance, the recent revolt and demand for reform in our justice system makes sense.
    This is us trying to heal.

    In this case, racism is the root of our country’s disease.

    If you are a person of color you may be feeling lethargy, anger, and a deep desire to be seen and honored for your humanity.
    I see you and I hear you! 
    If you’re white, you might be feeling shock, shame, and maybe even guilt for not understanding the depth of this disease until now. 

    The common bond I think we are all feeling is that it is
    BEYOND time for change.
    Our system needs to find balance. This balance needs to happen in the form of equity amongst the races and accountability amongst all.
    If you’re like me, you might find yourself wishing for a map to point you in the right direction.

    The good news? There is a map.

    We can turn to Ayurveda for guidance and wisdom!
    Because, believe it or not, Ayurveda and activism go hand in hand.
    In my recent blog post, I shared how you can look to your dosha to help you prepare for life after quarantine.
    You can also rely on your dosha to help you find out where your skills as an activist will be most useful.
    The burning question on most everyone’s mind?
     “What can I do to help?”

    Look no further, the answers are all within!
    Read on to see what I mean.

    Ayurveda and Activist for the Vigilant Vata

    Vata wields the energy of creation.
    You govern movement and have the ability to pull ideas straight from the ether.
    When it comes time to stand up and fight for what you believe in, you are going to be the one speaking into existence the change you want to see in the world. 

    The Vata Activist:

    • Uses their creativity to create viral graphic designs that represent the movement or support an organization.
    • Spearheads a letter-writing campaign to your local government officials.
    • Starts a podcast or a blog that showcases melanated voices and teaches others how to become black activists and allies.
    • Makes activism art with music, poetry, video, or dance.
    • VOTES!

    Ayurveda and Activism for the Powerful Pitta

    The fire in your rage is powerful and transformative.
    You have the ability to transform old constructs and with your will and determination, you’re capable of building new ones.
    Being Pitta dominant allows you to show up for the more physical aspects of a movement.
    That sharp tongue of yours gives voice to the revolution.

    The Pitta Activist:

    • Uses their fire as fuel as they march through the streets for change until the sun goes down.
    • Channels their leadership skills into managing and being the voice of activism organizations.
    • Taps into their courage and passion to give speeches to that move the masses.
    • Starts important conversations around social justice and racism and speaks out against injustice or harm.
    • VOTES!

    Ayurveda and Activism for The Courageous Kapha

    You provide a sense of structure and stability in the midst of chaos.
    To be Kapha dominant is to be loving, loyal, and reliable.
    The grounded structure of Kapha makes you a great organizer and a sturdy ally. 

    The Kapha Activist:

    • This is the organizer, using their networking skills to make connections and plan the gatherings.
    • They show up to protests with a first aid kit, just in case anyone needs it. 
    • They can be found picking up the fallen and tending to the wounds that the tear gas and rubber bullets may leave behind.  
    • Therapy is a strong suit for the Kapha dominant type. They’re the ones sharing the weight of the emotions too heavy to hold alone.
    • Count on them to bring on the nourishment. They bring snacks to the meetings and rallies, making sure everyone has the fuel they need to keep going.
    • VOTES!

    For liberty and Justice For all 

    We are all different and beautiful in our diversity.
    What binds us is the underlying truth that beneath all of our individual beauty, we are one powerful living organism.
    Just like the Doshas, each and every one of us plays an elemental role.  

    Together, we’re a powerful force of nature.

    Find out what your Dosha is to see how Ayurveda and activism can work together in your life by taking my free quiz today!