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  • What’s The Best Breakfast to Energize You For The Day?

    What’s The Best Breakfast to Energize You For The Day?

    What's The Best Breakfast To Energize You For The Day? Choose From These Healthy Ayurvedic Breakfast Options! Your Guide to Morning Wellness...

    We teamed up with our pals at Pure Himalayan Shilajit to offer you this awesome perspective on 5 powerful ways you can supercharge your breakfast with Ayurveda and Ayurvedic superfoods! Think of this as your guide to morning wellness... 

    [Some say] breakfast is the most important meal of your day! In fact, my dear friend and fellow Ayurvedic practitioner, 2020, Mary Sheila Gonnella, insists on it.

    Side note... Mary Sheila and I are co-teaching a Rest & Digest Ayurveda Retreat in March 2020 - in Mexico! Ack! So excited! Learn more about it here!

    The foods you eat in the morning power you up so that you have ENERGY for all you want to create during your BEST creative time - which happens to be before lunch.

    It’s important to eat a rich breakfast filled with complex carbohydrates, fat, and protein. They help you anchor your adrenal health (especially if you drink coffee) and sustain your energy all morning long.

    What’s the best thing you can do to ensure that your breakfast will energize you for the day? Add Ayurvedic superfoods to your breakfast!

    Ayurvedic ‘superfoods’ have been a staple of Indian medicine for thousands of years and they provide a huge number of health benefits. Check it out...

    How to Make Your Breakfast Pack a Punch

    If you really want a breakfast packed with energy and nutrition, you must include Ayurvedic superfoods. They are the best healthy breakfast options ever!

    But what exactly are they?

    ‘Superfood’ is a word used to describe food and herbs that are incredibly powerful, nutrient-dense, and packed with health benefits. They often come from regions of the world that are packed with life - like the Amazon rainforest and lush areas of India.

    Using the word ‘superfood’ applies to so many foods that are revered in Ayurvedic medicine. Ayurveda builds its whole system around maximizing nutrition, promoting longevity, and reducing disease.

    Yet even amongst the ancient practitioners of Ayurveda (those who recognized the importance of not just a daily meal plan, but every bite that you eat), there are certain foods and herbs that stand out above the rest.

    For example, you can infuse your breakfasts with simple herbs like turmeric and ginger (fresh or dried). They both provide powerful anti-inflammatory benefits.

    Or, take Ashwagandha Root, aka Indian ginseng. Ayurveda treasures it as a powerful aphrodisiac and energy booster. It’s easy to add one or two teaspoons of Ashwagandha powder to hot cereals, protein fat balls, and warm tea with milk.

    Shilajit health benefits include enhanced cognition and more motivation. Shilajit’s another superfood that’s so easy to add to what you’re already eating. We like to add it to smoothies or herbal coffee substitutes.

    It’s easy to see why you’ll want to make a point of including these foods in your diet!

    [Photo credit: Toa Heftiba ]

    Why Ayurvedic Superfoods Supercharge Your Breakfast!

    Ayurvedic superfoods are fantastic any time of day, but they’re particularly effective when you use them in the morning. Why?

    They Boost Your Energy

    Ayurvedic superfoods increase your energy levels so you’ll be more motivated and productive throughout your morning. In fact, using Ayurvedic superfoods like Ashwagandha or Rhodiola can, in many cases, completely replace the “need” to drink coffee.

    Superfoods can offer you the same kind of energizing stimulation, but without the crash and jitters associated with coffee. Even shilajit, a powerful mineral resin extracted from the Himalayan mountains, can be used for this reason. Shilajit health benefits provide long-lasting energy.

    Ayurvedic Superfoods Reduce Stress

    Most Ayurvedic superfoods are in a class of food and herbs known as adaptogens. Adaptogens are substances that help the body adapt to stress.

    Adaptogens have proven to be particularly useful in the west – where people are constantly exposed to extreme amounts of travel, communication, tight schedules, and screen time. Through work, raising children, attending school, and driving in traffic, so many of us live high-strung lives!

    Adaptogens like Ashwagandha and Brahmi can help the body adapt to stress and prevent it from getting out of control.

    They Enhance Intelligence

    Another benefit of Ayurvedic superfoods is that many of them feed your brain – thereby enhancing your intelligence!

    Many Ayurvedic herbs, such as Brahmi, Turmeric, and Gotu Kola, are known to enhance the function of the nervous system – including brain health.

    By using these superfoods over an extended period of time, the brain is able to build new connections and restore old ones. This means that you’ll likely experience improved thinking better memory, and overall enhanced intelligence.

    They Fight Anxiety

    Lots of people struggle with anxiety every day. Social anxiety, general anxiety, and panic attacks can all make something as simple as going to work a living nightmare.

    If you struggle with anxiety, Ayurvedic superfoods can help. Add Ashwagandha with ghee and cardamom to your morning oatmeal. Or make hot Gotu Kola Tea and take it with you to work. You may find that anxiety no longer touches you.

    They Fight Pain

    Ayurvedic superfoods are known to fight pain because they reduce inflammation. The most common herb used for this purpose is Turmeric – which, luckily, is ridiculously easy to include in your breakfast.

    Mix ground Turmeric into scrambled eggs. Or have a Turmeric latte. Or simply boil fresh turmeric in water and drink it all day long. Turmeric shows a powerful ability to fight arthritis and tendonitis, which is great for people who work in jobs that require repetitive motion.

    What are Your Ayurvedic Healthy Breakfast Options?

    Healthy Breakfast Option #1



    Preparation Time: 5 minutes, plus 24-hour soak time

    Yield: Serves 2

    1 ½ cups Raw Oat Groats or Raw Buckwheat Groats

    6 cups Water

    2 cups Hempseed Milk, Almond Milk or Oat Milk

    2 Tablespoons Goji Berries

    2 teaspoons Cacao Nibs

    2 teaspoons Coconut Nectar

    2 teaspoons ground Ashwagandha

    ½ teaspoon Fresh Ginger Root, minced

    ½ teaspoon Fresh Turmeric Root, minced

    Cinnamon to taste

    Soak the oat groats in water for at least 24 hours (and up to 48 hours). The longer they soak, the softer and more digestible they become. Drain the water and divide the soaked groats into two bowls.

    Pour 1 cup of the hempseed milk over each serving and add (divided with half in each bowl) the remaining ingredients.

    Healthy Breakfast Option #2



    Preparation time: 5 minutes

    Yield: Serves One

    1 organic, ripe banana, peeled and broken into pieces

    ½ organic, ripe avocado

    2 Medjool dates

    1 Tablespoon water

    1 heaping teaspoon ground Ashwagandha or Shatavari

    1 teaspoon ground Maca

    Combine everything together in a high-speed blender or food processor for about 30 seconds… YUM!

    Healthy Breakfast Option #3



    Preparation Time: 10 minutes

    Yield: 1 serving

    One of Ayurveda’s premier reproductive tonic herbs, ashwagandha, is said to give men the “vital energy of a horse.” Wow!

    This strengthening root is a renowned brain and immune-boosting herb that mends all types of debilitating conditions, including nervous system issues and tissue deficiencies.

    Known as the “Indian ginseng,” ashwagandha is strengthening, revitalizing, and stress-reducing, and it helps produce ojas (vital reproductive fluids).

    It’s also sattvic (i.e. balancing to all doshas), making it one of the best herbal remedies for men and women suffering from conditions such as weakness, old age, overwork, lack of sleep and exhaustion.

    1 cup homemade Almond Milk or Oat Milk – you can find recipes for both of these in my cookbook, “The Ayurvedic Vegan Kitchen” [link to my shop]

    1 teaspoon ground Ashwagandha

    ½ teaspoon ground ginger or turmeric root

    ¼ teaspoon ground cardamom or ground cinnamon

    1 teaspoon molasses, raw honey, coconut nectar, or maple syrup, optional

    Gently heat the Almond Milk over medium-low heat in a small saucepan until warm. Pour into your favorite mug. Stir in the ashwagandha, ginger, cardamom, and molasses to taste. Enjoy!

    What's The Best Breakfast To Energize You For The Day?

    Learn more about what YOU need to thrive. Download my FREE Ayurveda Starter's Guideget the low down on your dosha, and kick up your breakfast a notch by infusing Ayurvedic superfoods into every meal.

    • They’ll help improve all areas of your health, enhance cognition, improve mental capacity, and decrease anxiety and stress.
    • They’ll boost your energy and can even help reduce pain. Ayurvedic superfoods are wildly beneficial for people of all ages. 

    Thanks for reading!

    Love, Talya