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    So you’ve decided to start a family with your significant other? Congratulations! Creating new life is an amazing, exciting moment and can bring joy and happiness to all who are involved 

    If you find that trying to get pregnant comes with no success, my hope is that this blog brings YOU some hope. Not being able to conceive can feel sad and discouraging. However, you have to realize that not every couple will conceive as quickly as some, and that’s OK. Today we’re going to touch on that and talk about how to improve your fertility with Ayurveda.

    Fertility does not define you or your relationship.

    Not being able to conceive at the same speed or rate as other people does not make you any less worthy than a couple who conceives quickly. It just means that you may need some help to reach your end goal – a healthy baby!

    Before we dive into some powerful ways to help MEN improve their fertility (mamas, we’ll help you out in a future post!), let’s first talk about the factors that can cause men to be less fertile.

    Common Causes of Infertility


    It’s no secret that most people love to indulge in a drink or two; on occasion after work, on a holiday, or just because they love it. Generally speaking, there’s no major problem with drinking as long as you consume a moderate amount from time to time.

    The problem lies with when people overindulge in alcohol. 

    Heavy drinking has been found to affect male fertility by lowering testosterone, impacting sperm quality, and causing premature ejaculation. According to an article by WebMD, men hoping to become fathers should stay away from alcohol for at least six months before trying to conceive.

    Not only will this help the father-to-be become a more present partner, but this will also help him minimize his chances of experiencing things like premature ejaculation and low sperm count.

    Another thing to note is that substance abuse (of any kind) can (and often does) lead to erectile dysfunction (ED). When trying to conceive with your partner, having additional issues like ED will decrease your sense of intimacy and your chances of getting pregnant.

    While ED medications for men like Viagra are an option, of course, it’s so much better to try and reduce your alcohol use while trying for a baby. You’re bound to feel more connected to your partner and see better results overall.

    Health Problems Linked With Fertility

    We all know how important it is to take care of our health. But when it comes to fertility, it’s even more crucial.

    Maybe you’ve believed that some health issues don’t affect your chances to conceive but they can actually influence you a lot.

    Two of the lesser-known issues associated with infertility include diabetes and HIV. Ack!

    Similar to the effects alcohol has on the body, men who have diabetes can experience lower self-esteem, erectile dysfunction, and lower testosterone levels.

    Along with this… according to studies, semen volume, sperm motility, concentration, and morphology can all be affected adversely in men who test positive for HIV. If the disease progresses into AIDS, fertility can decrease even more.

    Making sure to take care of your sexual health and living a healthy lifestyle can help reduce a man’s chances of experiencing these health issues. 

    However, sometimes traditional ways fail you.

    There’s always a certain trust to be placed in medical professionals. But sometimes you, and only you, know what’s best for your body. Keep reading to learn how Ayurveda can help improve your fertility.

    Improving Fertility With Ayurveda 

    Ayurvedic Medicine

    One of the best things about Ayurveda is the plethora of plant-based, herbal remedies available for people to use.

    Derived from mixtures of plants and minerals, evidence shows that herbal treatments can treat everything from depression to indigestion to infertility. Two specific Ayurvedic remedies by the names of Ashwagandha and Shilajit (maybe you’ve heard of them?) have been connected to the improvement of fertility.

    Ashwagandha is an adaptogenic, warming, and medicinal herb from the Solanaceae family. You can use it in its powder form, mixed with milk and honey or maple syrup for sweetness, or use a capsule version (we love True Veda’s brand for that).

    Consuming Ashwagandha regularly rejuvenates the system and can reduce stress and anxiety which, in turn, reduces the risk of experiencing ED. Ashwagandha is also known to increase sperm count and motility.

    According to Healthline, after 3 months of treatment using Ashwagandha, as much as 14% of the men tested were able to impregnate their significant others.

    Shilajit, derived from decomposing plants, has some similar health benefits to Ashwagandha. These include higher iron, increased testosterone levels, and better sperm quality and motility. In a 2015 study, men who took Shilajit for 90 days experienced higher testosterone levels than those who did not.

    Yoga to Improve Fertility

    Ayurveda relies heavily on the balance between a person’s mind, body, and spirit. If any of those three are out of balance, living a healthy life and achieving real inner peace can be difficult.

    Using Ayurvedic practices such as yoga can place your dosha at ease, better your overall well-being, and even improve your fertility! Being in the best health you can be in is essential when you’re trying to conceive a child.

    Many health issues, HIV included, can get exacerbated when you experience higher than normal levels of stress – and you want to minimize stress everywhere you can – especially inside your intimate relationship.

    Why not try incorporating yoga into your weekly routine? It’ll help reduce some of the stress you may be feeling on a daily basis. It’ll also help you release any pent up energy you might be storing and tune into your spiritual side. Take deep breaths, clear your mind, and relax your body for the best results. If you’re new to yoga and Ayurveda, don’t worry.

    There are so many helpful resources that can help you learn the best practices for where you’re at and what you need now.

    Whatever your fertility situation, remember to keep hope alive. 

    Just because traditional methods may not work for you, doesn’t mean you’re out of options. No way! If you’re new to Ayurveda and Ayurvedic practices – and maybe even feel a little hesitant, you’re in the right place. Do your research, try on some simple Ayurvedic remedies, and let your experience of Ayurveda do its good work.

    Personally, I’m so excited that you’re here. Thoroughly researching alternative medicine to help improve fertility may very well change your life. So don’t let fear or a slow conception stop you from your goal – creating a new life.