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  • How Do I Avoid the Common Detoxing Mistakes?

    How Do I Avoid the Common Detoxing Mistakes?

    The Biggest Detox Mistakes Everyone is Making But You Don’t Have to

    My Detox Your Body With Ayurveda 5-Day Bootcamp is happening right now. And it’s got me thinking about 3 of the biggest detox mistakes I see happen all the time.

    I want to help YOU avoid making them, too! So read this highly informative article on The 3 Biggest Detox Mistakes and How To Avoid Them.

    1. Healthy Eating Isn’t Enough

    I think when most people think of detox, they immediately think of juicing, fasting, deprivation, or at the very least – super healthy eating.

    There are two problems with this.

    First, if you force your way through a detox because you know you “should,” it’s likely not a sustainable one. You won’t want to – or you won’t be able to – make it last beyond a handful of days and you’ll be relieved when it’s over.

    You might even be desperate to go back to wine, cheese, and chocolate!

    That being said, it’s not like there isn’t a time or place for an “unsustainable” detox. I love the Master Cleanse and I love juicing. But those types of detox are not the whole story and they won’t work for every constitution at any time of the year.

    The issue with temporary detoxes is that it’s so easy to go back to how things were and then wonder – why is it so easy for me to feel crappy again? I JUST detoxed!

    Don’t get me wrong. Healthy eating IS a big piece of the successful detox puzzle, of course. But it’s not the whole “shebam.”

    Because, if all you do is eat healthily… well, what does that even mean?

    Which brings me to problem number two…

    But first, let me explain.

    Before I found Ayurveda, India’s holistic health care system, I thought I ate reallywell.

    It never occurred to me to stop and think… Even though I believe I eat well, I’m not where I want to be health-wise.

    So, might there be a disconnect between what I THINK is healthy and what’s actuallyhealthy for me? How do I even find that out?

    I didn’t know at the time that what I was eating was the exact opposite of what my body needed.

     Because the food I ate was “healthy” by most anyone’s standards, I assumed it was all good.

    Even though I was almost constantly suffering from skin rashes, depression, hormone imbalance, and heaviness!

    I’m sorry, but if you’ve got that many symptoms, something is NOT right with your diet and “eating healthy” is just not enough.

    Everyone has a unique constitution. Everyone has their own set of imbalances. Because of those two factors, healthy eating looks different for everyone.

    Sometimes you need to nourish, sometimes you need to detox. What I love about Ayurveda is that there’s a way to have BOTH.

    2. Either/Or and Black & White Thinking

    The second biggest detox mistake is when you attach yourself to the idea that you’re either GOOD or BAD – depending on what you eat.

    This kind of thinking is punishing, drenched in guilt and shame, and a surefire strategy to get down on yourself and make yourself wrong.

    There is no good or bad when it comes to eating. It’s about honoring what you need right now and being smart about what you can digest.

    Temptation and distractions are part of life.

    If you’re on a detox, it’s your job to HONOR the commitment you made to yourself and not let yourself down by drifting so far off base that you feel awful.

    But NOT because you should. Because you WANT to.

    Because you love yourself so much that you want to take care of yourself.

    You’re not “good” because you ate lettuce and “bad” because you ate chocolate.

    What if the lettuce was too cold for your body when you ate it? What if your body was begging you to replenish its magnesium stores?

    You would have thrown a bucket of ice on your digestive fire, deepened your craving for chocolate, and missed the mark by overriding your cravings with what you SHOULD do.

    Instead of listening to your body – the way Ayurveda teaches us how to do.

    3. Believing There’s Only ONE Way To Detox

    Life ebbs and flows. Your energy ebbs and flows. YOU ebb and flow.

    Your nutrition, self-care, and the way you approach self-love needs to ebb and flow, too.

    There is no one size fits all approach to detox or healing!

    Let go of rigidity. Let go of doing it right. It’s not about what you should do. It’s about listening to how you feel and feeding yourself from that awareness.

    Even when you know what YOU need for your unique constitution, that still doesn’t lock you into ONE way of detoxing.

    You’ve got to be loose enough and awake enough to dance with your needs all day, every day. That’s one of the reasons why my movement is called Ayurveda Every Day With Talya!

    Every day is a new day – beginner’s mind and an open mind are the best detox mindsets of them all.

    Don’t make these detox mistakes. When you’re ready for a detox, join The RAD Cleanse – my Radiance Ayurveda Detox. It’s my most in-depth Ayurvedic course on nutrition and nourishment. PLUS you get to detox your body with Ayurveda and feel more awesome than EVER.

    Did I mention those good feelings are sustainable and long-lasting? 

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    Love, Talya