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  • Road Trip! My 6 Best Practices For Staying Healthy During Summer Travel

    Road Trip! My 6 Best Practices For Staying Healthy During Summer Travel

    I just got back from the vacation of a lifetime!

    Last week I set out to southern Utah so I could volunteer at Best Friends Animal Sanctuary (and visit a couple of National Parks, too).

    I got inspired to share what I brought with me on my trip – the products and supplements that ensured I had Ayurveda “on the road!” And as I’m sure you can relate, staying healthy and feeling great on the road is no small feat.

    Staying healthy during summer traveling means being hydrated, energized, and vibrant (plus, bonus! – pooping daily) on an ultra-eventful (and divinely slow-paced) road trip. Here is how I did it.

    Six Ayurvedic Essentials for Amazing Summer Traveling

    This is what I take with me traveling – so I’ve got Ayurveda as my superpower!

    1. “I Travel Well” by Banyan Botanicals 

    This awesome travel tincture “supports the body’s natural ability to adapt to the stresses of travel – including changes in time zone.” I decided to try it this spring when I went from Santa Cruz to New York to Phoenix and back to Santa Cruz in the span of just a couple weeks – and its effects were palpable.

    It helped me sleep better (thank you, Bacopa and Tulsi), stress less (Ashwagandha rocks), digest better (thanks to Fennel and Ginger), and feel supported immune-wise (thank you, Amalaki and Turmeric). It’s travel size so you can take it with you on a plane during your summer traveling, in your purse, or in my case on this trip – anywhere you damn, please!

    2. Something Green 

    It’s not easy to find truly healthy food when you’re out and about (especially if you’re from California and spoiled like me!). So I plan for trips with a preparatory mindset and bring my own greens. And a bottle to shake them up in!

    On this trip to hot, dry, southwestern Utah, I’ve been LOVING my daily dose of 2 teaspoons Vitamineral Green + 2 1 Tablespoon Vital Proteins Collagen Beauty Greens in half water, half coconut juice.

    I feel hydrated, strengthened, and light on my feet. Traveling by plane? Take little baby bottles of your favorite green superfood powders. When you get to your destination, find a 16-ounce sized bottle you can call your own and drink this daily. Coconut juice can be replaced with apple juice or pineapple juice. And, if you’re brave, you can skip the juice altogether and go 100% green.

    3. Liquid Chlorophyll & Oxygen Extreme

    This is a high altitude tip. If you’re traveling someplace high above sea level (by 3000 feet or more), you’re going to need extra oxygen to breathe easy, beat the heat, and adapt more easily to your destination.

    I take a minimum of 2 dropper fulls of each of these babies daily – triple that amount the first few days of any high altitude trip. Bonus: the chlorophyll can help me poop!

    Oxygen Extreme is naturally salty and very pleasant – so I just take that one direct to my mouth.

    Here’s a recipe for how to make liquid chlorophyll taste yummy

    Emerald Express


    Preparation Time: 3 minutes

    Yield: One serving

    12-ounces Purified Water

    2 dropperfuls Liquid Chlorophyll

    2 drops alcohol-free Peppermint Extract

    4 to 6 drops Liquid Stevia, optional

    Combine everything in your favorite bottle and enjoy.

    Note: chlorophyll stains – so be careful when traveling with a glass bottle of liquid chlorophyll. My favorite brand is Chlor-Oxygen by Herbs, Etc.

    4. Probiotics

    I never leave home without my probiotics. Not only do they contribute to my constant efforts to hydrate, but they also help me stay regular and keep immune-destroying bacteria at bay.

    Probiotics are essential to hydration because they create the ENVIRONMENT for hydration (from water, electrolytes, and healthy fats) to stick.

    70% of your immunity ties back to your gut health. What makes for a healthy gut? Healthy flora. And that’s what you get from taking probiotics on the REGULAR.

    Probiotics colonize and cultivate. The more consistent you are with taking probiotics every day, the stronger your digestion, immunity, and elimination.

    My favorite shelf-stable, the supplement-sourced probiotic is ProFlora 4R by Bio Botanicals. I’ve never found a better probiotic than this one. I also like Body Ecology’s Bifidus Power Blend.

    5. My Essential Oil Travel Kit

    You don’t need a lot when it comes to essential oils – one drop goes a long way! Which is one reason why traveling with essential oils is so darn handy.

    You don’t need much. The absolute basics include:

    • A superstar for gut health and digestion.
    • Something to help you breathe, reduce allergies, and increase oxygen to your bloodstream (just in case)
    • I like to carry a blend that helps me stay awake on road trips while easing tension from my head, muscles, and joints
    • Lastly, consider good quality lavender or frankincense for first aid – something you can feel good about putting on wounds, cuts, or burns.

    For all of the above, 2 to 6 drops max – used as needed -should do the trick. When I say as needed, I mean use the oil once every hour or so until you feel relief. In most cases, 2 to 3 applications total will be plenty. If you’re unsure, email me and ask!

    Here’s the safest way to apply essential oils to your body… Rub a thin layer of coconut (cooling) or sesame oil (warming) onto your skin. Then apply the essential oils on top.

    6. The Right Face & Body Care (and how to travel with them)

    There’s so much awesome Ayurvedic face and body care out there these days. I’m a huge fan of Shankara, The Body Deli, and Ajara. And most recently, I’ve heard great things about this company. In fact, I really enjoyed using their products during my summer traveling.

    When you travel, you need to keep it simple. The bare necessities, if you will. So here’s what’s in my “perfect” face and body care kit. But keep in mind, you’ve gotta find the products that are perfect for YOU. Explore a little : )

    • Ajara Skincare Honey Licorice Hydrating Mask – hands down the most AWESOME exfoliating scrub I’ve ever used. My skin feels 75% brighter every time I use it
    • Some kind of toning mist like this one or this one
    • One of Shankara’s beyond amazing serums – my favorite is the Rich Repair Face Oil for Vata
    • Immortelle for taking care of sunspots, blemishes, and any other reparative spot treatment I need for my face – this is one I never leave home without!
    • The Body Deli’s Solar Day Cream to protect and nourish my skin all day long
    • The Body Deli’s Nourish Night Cream to hydrate and repair my skin before I go to bed
    • This Breast Balm – because WHY NOT give my breasts the extra love they deserve when I’ve got so much free time on my hands?
    • Ayurvedic Body Oil Have you ever heard anyone say that regular self-massage is Ayurveda’s answer to the fountain of youth? This is a body care product I never leave home without!
    • TerraShield natural insect repellent for when I travel to mosquito-laden places
    • And of course, I never leave home without my Gua Sha!

    It might sound like a lot, but my kit easily fits in my toiletry bag.

    Keep all your products in a cool, dry place. On road trips, I carry all my precious creams and oils in a cooler – so they don’t get destroyed by light or heat.

    For airplane trips, I transfer all my essential products into handy, unbreakable Nalgene travel bottles that I re-use again and again.

    I appreciate you being part of my Ayurveda tribe! M ake sure to check out my Ayurveda shop

    P.S. In case you’d like a peek into my adventure, here’s what I did on my road trip!

    I toured and volunteered at Best Friends Animal Sanctuary, met the founders, learned more about their awesome cause (Save Them All), and met ALL the animals!


    I hiked for miles and miles, did yoga in the wild, made friends with a German bicyclist who’s on the last leg of his 2-year world tour. We’re 20 years apart but already planned to bike across Europe together! : )

    I volunteered at Best Friends’ Dogtown, Cat World, and Wild Friends. Plus, got to have TWO sleepovers with the oh-so-adorable Miss Yvonne. Here she is…

    Needless to say, it was amazing. Now I’m super fired up to make a difference for animals in my community when I get home. Best Friends rules! Happy summer traveling to you!